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If, after an informal introduction, you decide to have a work of art made by Rob, he will make an appointment to pick a photo and to discuss your personal wishes regarding size, medium, composition, color and background.

Next stage is the actual painting or drawing of the portrait. An oil paint has to dry before each new layer can be applied, this process may take several weeks. The final layer to be applied before completion is a retouching varnish.
Depending on the nature and size of the project the whole process may take several weeks or even months. Pencil and colored pencil drawings take less time. Depending on the subject and the number of people completion takes between two to four weeks.
Sometimes there may even be a delay before he can actually start on your assignment, depending on how busy he is.

Some price examples
The prices of the artworks may differ, depending on the size and technique.

Commissioned charcoal drawing:
21 x 15 cm
€ 99,00 euro incl VAT

30 x 20 cm
€ 140,00 euro incl VAT

40 x 30 cm
€ 190,00 euro incl VAT

29 x 50 cm
€ 215,00 euro incl VAT

Commissioned oil on canvas:
30 x 40 cm
€ 695,00 euro incl VAT

40 x 60 cm
€ 1.300,00 euro incl VAT

60 x 60 cm
€ 1.540,00 euro incl VAT

80 x 100 cm
€ 2.260,00 euro incl VAT

Ask for other sizes and/or techniques.
Assignments are custom-tailored to your wishes. The prices can therefore also differ or be adjusted to your budget.

Rob de Vries