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Who I am

Rob de Vries (1963) studied at the Amsterdamse Grafische School, where he graduated in 1984. He worked as DTP-operator and designer for various companies. In 2002 he started his own one-man design company.

During his high school Rob made nothing but Elvis drawings and paintings. Only three of them survived. During his studies at Graphic School he concentrated more on Photography and stopped drawing and painting all togehter.

Years of practice in the graphic world had rekindled the desire to start drawing and painting again. First only portraits of friends and acquaintances, but soon Elvis was also added to the repertoire.

After a visit to Memphis in 2007, the Elvis virus came back at full strength, and he started the site, fully dedicated to his Elvis art.

Meanwhile he made commissioned portraits for over 14 years. His free work is exhibited throughout the country. His work is in Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, English, Italian, Belgium Australian, Irish and American private collections.


You'll find his other work on

Rob de Vries at Graceland
Rob de Vries working in his studio

What I do

I divide my time between Elvis art, free work that is sold through a gellery, assignments and maintaining my sites, blogs, social media and other things like that. I spent around 40 hours a week with my paint, brushes and pencils.

Below you can see how I spend my studio time

Elvis art